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What is Hemp? How is it used? read on to find out more about how this beautiful plant is helping to shape our future.

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Hemp Flour | Herbed Crackers

Hemp flour is a high-fibre, gluten-free ingredient which everyone should be getting excited about. These Hemp crackers are so simple and quick to make and they are full of delicious, savoury, nutty flavour. These crackers have a wonderful crunch and pair perfectly...

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Hemp Milk | Make Delicious Hemp Milk at Home

Hemp milk is a delicious, rich and creamy plant-based milk that is high in nutrients and protein. It makes a great alternative to dairy milk and can be sweetened or plain. Many commercially non dairy milks are full of preservatives, sugars and oils, with very little...

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Hemp Protein Black Forest Smoothie

This sweet and delicious hemp protein smoothie is based on the classic flavours of the decadent Black Forest Gateau. This is a refreshing twist of the classic, rich dessert. I add rose water to this smoothie to enhance the flavour of the cherries to mimic the flavour...

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Choc Bananarama Hemp Protein Shake

This is a classic and very simple hemp protein shake which has a delicious, natural sweetness and the richness of a chocolate milkshake. To ensure your smoothie is extra sweet, use bruised and overripe frozen bananas. Why it's good for you Most people know that...

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P B & J Hemp Protein Smoothie

This protein smoothie is totally vegan and refined-sugar free. It has the scrumptious, nostalgic taste of a peanut butter and jam sandwich without the refined sugar and stodgy bread. Try it out for brekkie or freeze it in a BPA free plastic bottle and save it for...

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Why Add Hemp Seeds to Your Smoothie?

Hemp seeds in Australia Please note hemp seeds in Australia are only for animal consumption and only to be used in cosmetics. We have our own line of hemp seeds sourced from Tasmania and are perfect for your pets and for you to rub on your skin. In this blog we will...

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Top 3 benefits to use Hemp Seed Oil

The many benefits of Hemp Seed Oil By applying hemp seed oil to your face it will dissolve the sebum plugs that form in your pores and will decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Hemp seed oil will not only cleanse your pores of dirt and bacteria, but it...

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Top 3 benefits of building with Hempcrete

What is Hempcrete? Hempcrete is an old recipe used in history by the Romans and Japanese. It helped build some of the strongest ever built structures in the world. The combination of lime, hemp and water is what makes it so unique and durable. Why is it so versatile?...

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Why I love hemp

Welcome to my first blog post!   I’m Alexander and I’m a guy who is passionate about hemp! Why? because its mind boggling what this plant can do. When you hear claims that hemp has over 50,000 uses, you kind of think that it is impossible. And when I heard this I...

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