Looking for a high protein powder vegan alternative? Natural no toxic beauty care? Do you have joint problems? Are you on a student budget but still want to be healthy? Want to know more about hemp? Then you have come to the right place!

The 3 main parts to the Industrial Hemp Plant

The stalk outside bast fiber

Global Hemp Movement clothing, ropes, reinforced matting and more.

The stalk inner pith or herd 

Used for building, ethanol production and animal bedding.

The seeds

Highly nutritious food, protein, EFA’s, fiber, minerals, biodiesel, paints, plastics and body care. 

Why Hemp is Amazing!

Hemp is a plant that needs no pesticides or chemical assistance to grow, just sun and water. It grows in 100 days and sucks up an enormous amount of CO2 from the atmosphere and turns that CO2 into something useful

Hemp fibre is one of the strongest natural fibres on the planet. Per hectare hemp yields at least twice the amount of fibre as cotton with considerable fewer inputs and 3 times the amount of pulp for papermaking compared to aged forests.

Because hemp has a long tap root, it can bring to the surface, valuable hard to reach nutrients and be used a green manure and soil regeneration.

Hemp is Cannabis with no THC but abundant in other cannabinoids and research has shown that you can help alleviate many ailments. 

Hemp Seed is a complete protein containing all essential amino acids AND Contains 65% globulin Edestin which is very similar to that found in blood plasma. Making hemp one of the most Digestible proteins with a assimilation rate of 98%.

Support a more sustainable future for the planet!

Many people don’t realise that hemp has over 50,000 uses and has a real place in our everyday lives. It can provide the three major necessities; food, shelter and clothing. Here at the Global Hemp Movement, we believe that hemp is the answer to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future and soon you will too if you don’t already.

Over 23,000 positive studies have been published in peer reviewed medical journals detailing the effects of cannabis, cannabis oil, and cannabinoids on the body. Why don’t we know about this?

Along with education the Global Hemp Movement also provides information on products for hemp-based foods for pets, body care; soaps, creams and lotions, textiles, topical health supplements, eco-friendly building materials and the list is continuing growing. Our everyday products are sourced from organically grown hemp with no added nasty chemicals just earthy goodness.

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